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GW2: The Gates of Maguuma, Living Story Season 2!

I haven’t been much interested in Guild Wars 2 since they have a nasty habit of taking content away but it sounds like the latest update may be doing something about that.  Seems there is a way to experience past living story content.  I don’t have all of the details but from what I’ve read around the internet, there’s going to be something called the living journal.  It will allow you to play past story content as well as do new challenges related to it for elite items.  The Gates of Maguuma is supposed to start today.  I’m hoping it rekindles my interest in a game that I had a lot of fun in.  Still wish they would’ve gone the route of expansions like their first game but I’ll settle on this living journal if it works the way it’s been explained.

GW2: Next Living Story, Sky Pirates!

As we come to the end of the Dragon Bash Living Story Event, the story gave us a look into a political killing by another pirate captain trying to get on the Council in Lions Arch.  She deceived everyone until a certain investigator revealed her wrong doings.  Enter the sky pirates.  The event involved fighting off a large group of steampunk looking pirates.  This all seems to be a great opening for the next living story event which will involve sky pirates and some more content!  I hope some of this content stays permanent!

Guild Wars 2: Last Stand at Southsun

So far, the living story has kept our attention when we aren’t just goofing off in game or some other game.  We’ve enjoyed the content so far with it not being too difficult.  We saw the dungeon in the Flame & Frost living story so we know what kind of fight might be in store for us in the Southsun content.  Over on the official site for GW2, it’s confirmed we will see the next part of the living story probably starting on May 28th.  I’ll be geared up and good to go for the final few achievements.  If you still need your back items, hit me up and I’ll help you out on getting those through the achievements.  It doesn’t take long at all!

GW2: Flame and Frost Prelude

The new Flame and Frost Prelude patch has hit Guild Wars 2 and the new dailies have been an interesting change.  A daily is a daily but if I understood what I read, we will be seeing a shuffling of daily objectives.  I think some will be the same but others will make us work more together to accomplish those daily goals for the new laurel currency.  We’ve already seen a daily they’ve removed(Combo Killer) due to it not working as intended.  Arenanet responded very quickly though to remove that from the daily rotation.  Also, some events have been changed so expect a slight difference in some fights we think we know.  Anyways, look forward to catching guildies online so we can knock out those dailies!