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Diablo 3 Adventure mode! FF14 patch!

Thanks to the latest Diablo 3 expansion, it’s rekindled my interest in Diablo 3 more than I expected.  After Highgrade and I beat the expansion on torment difficulty, we decided to try the adventure mode last night and it has my attention!  You are able to travel around the world and complete bounties which reward a ton of experience and loot.  There’s a lot going on in that mode but I hope to have some video of our antics posted sometime this weekend.

On the FF14 front, a major patch has dropped that gave our small house a lot more floor space to work with as well as NPC’s to mend our gear and for us to sell our junk to as well as buy some basic crafting materials from.  We have a garden now and are starting to do more Labyrinth of the Ancients thanks to the loot restriction being removed.  It appears to be the easiest gear grind in the game due to the currency it drops and the really neat looking armor.

Long time, no post!

It’s been awhile since I’ve posted anything new so figured I’d poke the blog with something!  I hadn’t mentioned it here on the site but I did on the forums, some of our membership have been playing Final Fantasy 14 and some more Diablo 3 in preparation of the new expansion coming later this month.  If you haven’t tried it yet, FF14 plays like a true RPG.

For those that are going to get the expansion for Diablo 3, now’s the time to play!  They have given us a 50% experience boost up until the expansion releases so you can take your time and get your level up on your characters.  They’ve also made loot a lot more class friendly compared to earlier.  Anyways, that’s all I could think of this go.  I’ll try and get a post going every week like I used to so keep an eye out for my ramblings here and in the forums!

Defiance, will it be good in the long run?

It’s been awhile since I’ve posted something so here goes!  I’ve been playing around with Defiance since beta and the game seems to be great for a post apocalyptic world with aliens and wasted landscapes.  It was released a few weeks ago and just like any game/MMO with that fresh release smell, it has its quirks and bugs but it looks like Trion is working on them as fast as they can and they seem to be keeping a good line of communication going on their site and twitter.  I’ve played the game just about every day since its release and I’ve enjoyed the game play and the story.  The game ties into the TV show that will air its full first episode on the Syfy channel April 15th.  A reminder they had up for sometime in game indicated that you should make sure to play the ‘Episode Missions’ that are currently available because the first episode of the show is almost here.  The missions give you back story on Nolan and his daughter that helps explain a little bit of their situation.  I think the missions will go away once the first episode airs.

Anyways, as I get time, I’ll list a little review of the game.  Currently there are just 2 of us ‘Goons playing but there may be some more as time goes on.  My understanding is the game evolves with what happens in the show and vice versa so I look forward to what they do in game.  I get the feeling this game will last a long time.  With no subscription fee for an MMO, its not like you are losing money on the game if you take a break from it and come back later.  Just means more content!


GW2: Flame and Frost Prelude

The new Flame and Frost Prelude patch has hit Guild Wars 2 and the new dailies have been an interesting change.  A daily is a daily but if I understood what I read, we will be seeing a shuffling of daily objectives.  I think some will be the same but others will make us work more together to accomplish those daily goals for the new laurel currency.  We’ve already seen a daily they’ve removed(Combo Killer) due to it not working as intended.  Arenanet responded very quickly though to remove that from the daily rotation.  Also, some events have been changed so expect a slight difference in some fights we think we know.  Anyways, look forward to catching guildies online so we can knock out those dailies!

Halloween Events In Guild Wars 2 a Go!

Well, looks like Guild Wars 2 has rolled out with its Halloween content patch as of last night and by the sounds of it, there’s plenty to do between October 22nd and October 28th.  They have a neat Halloween page with a time line of information so stay tuned to their site each day for any new information as the in game content unfolds!

I’m currently sitting at work but I’m sure I’ll be petitioning some of our members to tag along with me later tonight and through out the week as we adventure along to get some of the items that may come from the events.  Make sure to open those black lion trading company chests during the event for some chances at special Halloween skins for weapons and shoulder armor.  I don’t know about you but having a chainsaw/sword of some kind just sounds awesome!

Guild Wars 2 Chainsaw
Chainsaws are fun in an Evil Dead/Steam Punk sort of way!

Remember, if you can’t afford to pay real world money to get gems, you can convert in game gold to gems through the Trading Post.  I did notice the exchange rate for gold to gems went up and I’m sure that is due to this event.  We have a few days to experience the content though so I’m sure we will get to see everything before it goes away until next year!  Assuming the items don’t bind when you pick them up, I will try to hook up some guildies with any duplicate skins and what not I get.

Guild Wars 2, still going strong!

Well, Mists of Pandaria has been out for awhile and it looks like Guild Wars 2 is virtually unaffected.  At least during the times I play, I still get the occasional queue for WvWvW as well as some overflow map action.  Every area in the game still has a lot of players present so events are still alive and kicking.  Eventually I’ll get up off my butt and make a review for this but it takes away from my game time, hah!  Stay tuned for more ‘Goon updates!