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Halloween Events In Guild Wars 2 a Go!

Well, looks like Guild Wars 2 has rolled out with its Halloween content patch as of last night and by the sounds of it, there’s plenty to do between October 22nd and October 28th.  They have a neat Halloween page with a time line of information so stay tuned to their site each day for any new information as the in game content unfolds!

I’m currently sitting at work but I’m sure I’ll be petitioning some of our members to tag along with me later tonight and through out the week as we adventure along to get some of the items that may come from the events.  Make sure to open those black lion trading company chests during the event for some chances at special Halloween skins for weapons and shoulder armor.  I don’t know about you but having a chainsaw/sword of some kind just sounds awesome!

Guild Wars 2 Chainsaw
Chainsaws are fun in an Evil Dead/Steam Punk sort of way!

Remember, if you can’t afford to pay real world money to get gems, you can convert in game gold to gems through the Trading Post.  I did notice the exchange rate for gold to gems went up and I’m sure that is due to this event.  We have a few days to experience the content though so I’m sure we will get to see everything before it goes away until next year!  Assuming the items don’t bind when you pick them up, I will try to hook up some guildies with any duplicate skins and what not I get.

Guild Wars 2 Countdown, early access tonight

It’s that time again!  For those ‘Goons that preordered Guild Wars 2 there is a countdown currently on their site that will let you know when the access begins.  We will be doing a quick get together around 6pm MST in the guild teamspeak server so make sure to hop in with us so we can get squared away on our game plan(what we will play most likely).  I look forward to seeing you all later tonight!

Chose new SWTOR Guild Alignment!

A few of us got to sample SWTOR over the past beta weekend and it looks like we really want to play on the Empire side.  I went ahead and rebuilt the guild as Empire and have updated the link in the forums for those that need to sign back up.  If you are one of the few that hasn’t signed back up with the guild due to the rebuilding, follow this link to sign up and I’ll get you back on the roster.  We have until December 2nd to get everyone on the roster.  After the 2nd, they will start setting up the guilds onto their servers so there’s no turning back at that point.  If you forget to sign up, we will be able to add you during early access and when the game is released.

SWTOR Beta emails going out!

For those of us that have signed up to be in the SWTOR beta before November 11th, we will most likely be receiving a weekend beta email in the coming days/weeks.  Be advised, if the email says ‘upcoming’ beta, that means its not for the weekend coming up but they will alert you when you can download the beta client and participate directly in one of the weekend events.  For those that forgot to sign up for the beta before the 11th, if you follow the link in this article, it will list off what other sites you might be able to get a key at.

SWTOR Guild Phase 3: Deployment

It looks like the guild creation phase for SWTOR has reached phase 3: Deployment.  We had originally planned to have a Republic guild and an Empire guild built and ready to go before release but it looks like we will be falling back on the Republic guild for now due to some new guild creation rules they just stated today.  For more information, please check out my post in the forums for the full story and information.

Welcome to the New Site Design!

Welcome to our new site design!  It’s been a long wait I realize but the design we settled on is just what we were looking for.  There aren’t many posts save for some of the tests and what not I initiated but I hope to see some members step up and post gaming news and in game events we can participate in.  I have a post over in the forums about that so if you are interested in contributing to the site, please let me know.  I hope everyone enjoys the new site!