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Chose new SWTOR Guild Alignment!

A few of us got to sample SWTOR over the past beta weekend and it looks like we really want to play on the Empire side.  I went ahead and rebuilt the guild as Empire and have updated the link in the forums for those that need to sign back up.  If you are one of the few that hasn’t signed back up with the guild due to the rebuilding, follow this link to sign up and I’ll get you back on the roster.  We have until December 2nd to get everyone on the roster.  After the 2nd, they will start setting up the guilds onto their servers so there’s no turning back at that point.  If you forget to sign up, we will be able to add you during early access and when the game is released.

SWTOR Guild Phase 3: Deployment

It looks like the guild creation phase for SWTOR has reached phase 3: Deployment.  We had originally planned to have a Republic guild and an Empire guild built and ready to go before release but it looks like we will be falling back on the Republic guild for now due to some new guild creation rules they just stated today.  For more information, please check out my post in the forums for the full story and information.