GW2: The Gates of Maguuma, Living Story Season 2!

I haven’t been much interested in Guild Wars 2 since they have a nasty habit of taking content away but it sounds like the latest update may be doing something about that.  Seems there is a way to experience past living story content.  I don’t have all of the details but from what I’ve read around the internet, there’s going to be something called the living journal.  It will allow you to play past story content as well as do new challenges related to it for elite items.  The Gates of Maguuma is supposed to start today.  I’m hoping it rekindles my interest in a game that I had a lot of fun in.  Still wish they would’ve gone the route of expansions like their first game but I’ll settle on this living journal if it works the way it’s been explained.

Diablo 3 Adventure mode! FF14 patch!

Thanks to the latest Diablo 3 expansion, it’s rekindled my interest in Diablo 3 more than I expected.  After Highgrade and I beat the expansion on torment difficulty, we decided to try the adventure mode last night and it has my attention!  You are able to travel around the world and complete bounties which reward a ton of experience and loot.  There’s a lot going on in that mode but I hope to have some video of our antics posted sometime this weekend.

On the FF14 front, a major patch has dropped that gave our small house a lot more floor space to work with as well as NPC’s to mend our gear and for us to sell our junk to as well as buy some basic crafting materials from.  We have a garden now and are starting to do more Labyrinth of the Ancients thanks to the loot restriction being removed.  It appears to be the easiest gear grind in the game due to the currency it drops and the really neat looking armor.

Long time, no post!

It’s been awhile since I’ve posted anything new so figured I’d poke the blog with something!  I hadn’t mentioned it here on the site but I did on the forums, some of our membership have been playing Final Fantasy 14 and some more Diablo 3 in preparation of the new expansion coming later this month.  If you haven’t tried it yet, FF14 plays like a true RPG.

For those that are going to get the expansion for Diablo 3, now’s the time to play!  They have given us a 50% experience boost up until the expansion releases so you can take your time and get your level up on your characters.  They’ve also made loot a lot more class friendly compared to earlier.  Anyways, that’s all I could think of this go.  I’ll try and get a post going every week like I used to so keep an eye out for my ramblings here and in the forums!