About the ‘Goons:

We are a casual U.S. guild of working professionals who like to play cooperative games together. This means we are mostly online in the afternoon after work and usually all day on the weekends. We like to support our members in games when we can. Currently our focus is on Guild Wars 2 but we tend to play other games as well. We have a few resources available for our members to utilize such as this website, forums, and a teamspeak 3 server.

We are actively recruiting members and if you were directed here, you are off to a good start. If you are looking for a fun guild of friendly, helpful people, then we might be your cup of(insert your favorite beverage here). We are all adults here and we sometimes have raunchy chatter but it’s tasteful without making everyone feel uncomfortable. We leave politics out of the game since we are here to have fun, not get worked up! If you are new or old to Guild Wars 2, its totally ok! We are laid back enough that we are willing to help anyone no matter their experience. If you are in another guild and like being there, its ok as well! We don’t mind our members representing other guilds! We just hope that our kind of guild keeps you repping us more than someone else eventually!

There is no representation requirement that has to be met to stay in the Black Raven Dragoons. We have a casual atmosphere for a reason. Some of us can be gone for weeks or months on end and it’s nice to come back to the guild knowing you won’t get kicked for being away for too long. We only ask that our members keep it fun and drama free! We are here to have a good time, not have a second job!

This one get’s its own separate entry because we find this is important as a guild. Be social! Don’t be shy! We are here to help each other out so we can get the most out of our gaming experience! We have provided resources on our site to help out where we can and give each other a little bit of an edge be it information or a place to post something silly or interesting.

We do have a teamspeak server for voice communication but it isn’t a requirement of membership to have to use it. We realize some members may not like to use such tools but we have it as an option. No mic is required for its use and you can always just listen in to our silly antics!

Speaking of antics, almost forgot about guild related events! We like to schedule events in game for dungeon running or just to do something silly! We are working on getting the numbers for guild missions and currently we have guild bounties unlocked. Once we have enough merits, we will start unlocking the other types of guild missions. For a guild of our size, we have unlocked a lot of the guild influence options and we are striving to get the rest as influence and merits become available.

So, after reading all of this do you feel like you want to join us? If so, seek one of us in game! Most likely, one of us posted a message in map chat about recruitment and it made you come take a gander at our site! If you can’t remember who it was, that’s ok! You can also post in our recruitment section of our forums and we will follow up with you next time we are on! To get started, read over this post and it will get you on the ball for signing up! We only ask that you register under the name of the character you want to sign up to our guild with so we know what to call you!

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