Borderlands 2 & Torchlight 2 Preloading in Steam!

If you haven’t been keeping track of your preorders or are still on the fence if you are going to get them, Borderlands 2 and Torchlight 2 are now preloading in Steam!  If you are a co-op game addict like me, you will probably want to get these 2 games eventually.  Borderlands 2 will be releasing on September 18th.  Some of us ‘Goons will probably be doing some party action for sure since some of us played the first one.  I still recommend that if you haven’t played the first one, you should!  It was a comical game and yet had a serious angle to it.  Of course, not recommended for play when children are around unless you condone it of course.

Torchlight 2 has been anticipated for sometime ever since the first one came out.  The first one was a nice trip back to the days of diablo 2 except Torchlight had very nice 3d graphics.  Part 2 brings new classes to play as as well as co-op!  The first game was only single player but I’m all about the partying up with friends and kicking some butt!  Torchlight 2 should release September 20th.  As always, I recommend grabbing these games in Steam since its very easy to use and it will keep you games up-to-date.  It’s very simple to setup an account and download their Steam client.  Plus it just makes it easier to invite friends to a game.

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